CAD data disappear after georefrencing

08-04-2021 01:16 PM
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I am writing bachalors thesis where I need to work with CAD data in ArcGIS Pro. I am not fimiliar with CAD at all. My problem is, that after adding CAD data, I can see it (zoom to layer) but the CAD data or layers are not on the base map but they appear on blank background. Looking at any tutorials on georefrencing, the data always came on the map even before georefrencing even if on the wrong coordinates. 

So after georefrencing CAD data they disappear completely and I am not even able to view them with 'Zoom to Layer', it does send me off the base map, but to a blank display. 

Anyone who could help me or know what the problem might be in CAD layers.


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 Have you tried downgrading the CAD file to a different version? Some of the newest CAD versions aren't compatible with Arc and won't draw the layers even though it imports correctly. Try downgrading the CAD file to v2013 or earlier.

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