ArcGIS Pro 2.8.1 geodatabases get corrupted frequently

08-03-2021 09:29 AM
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I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.8.1 on Dell Mobile workstation with Windows 10 installed in it. I saved my data in the geodatabase which resided in external drive (WD usb 3). It saved well, I exited the program. When I try to reopen the geodatabase, it throws an error of "The parameter is incorrect." The folder on which the geodatabase exists still taking space. So, I used "arcgisbinding" package from R to check if it works. It did work with GDAL Error 1. However, my last saved feature classes are no longer there in the geodatabase, or at least, feature listing using ogrListLayers function didn't display all the layers.

This happened to me second time within 10 days. Any help on this error either solution or sharing your problem would be great!





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Have you checked from ArcGIS Pro (Add Data), if the desired features are available or not?

If it does, then the issue is something else.

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Yes, I have. Actually everything else except this specific geodatabase doesn't work. However, as I said, I can read data from R using arcgisbinding. From Arcgis Pro or catalog window I can't access to any data; it simply throws an error.

I have ArcGIS desktop  10.7.1 also installed on the same machine, is this a compatibility problem, may be? Not really sure. Thanks for your time on this.


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As you are working and saving data in external drive, my suggestion is to go to the disk management of your system and define the drive letter to your external drive for example m, or n which is not predefined or exist in your system internal harddisk. Whenever you dosconnect and connect you will see the external hard dist connects with define  drive letter.  Which will reduce our efforts to connect and disconnect the scoutcefiles. You may direct open pro project file. Try this and let me know. Thanks

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I would definitely give a shot. I usually, use same usb port on my external drive so that it gets same drive letter. While, everything works, I am beginning to think may be my hard drive is too old and its not handling safely remove action properly. Because, I never remove drive without "safely remove" action removes the drive letter.

As my last save data are not there in the geodatabase (as I inquired from R), this issue could have arisen during drive removal process. However, I don't know what file system you are referring to by "scoutcefiles."


I was always able to open project file directly from drive, there wasn't any issue. I can still access other geodatabses in the same drive, but not this one.


Thanks for creating your time for this issue.


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an update!

It turned out the problem is something else definitely related to Microsoft Windows or ArcGIS Pro.

Once, I read data using arcgisbinding and writing it in another geodatabase. I exited all the programs and restarted the machine, now,  the project file doesn't open the pop-up message says that the file was created using recent/newer version-which is surprising as I created project using the same ArcGIS pro 2.8.1 version.

Surprisingly, although the project is not working, the geodatabases now shows the data except the last data I saved. On the flip side, the recent project I created to transfer the data is not working anymore 😞

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