Build Multidimensional Info correct variable/dimension fields

04-20-2023 12:13 PM
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Hello, GIS grad student here, I am trying to create a Space Time cube for the melting of glaciers over time and I am stuck. 

I have a shapefile for 10 different polygons of glacier boundaries starting from 1957-2021. The attribute table has the date and area of the glacier at the time of measurement. I exported each polygon as an individual layer and converted all 10 features to rasters. I then joined the attributes of the glaciers to each raster. I then created a mosaic dataset (kept the default settings minus 1 bit pixel depth) and added all 10 rasters to my mosaic. I get a black polygon here with the outline of the square footprint. From here I added two fields to my footprint attribute table, the year, and area, and populated it accordingly. I now want to build the multidimensional info correctly and cannot figure out how to populate the "Build Multidimensional Info" tool correctly to display the change in area per year. Can I get help on how I should populate the variable and dimension fields? My variable here is area, and dimension is year (I think). Note the variable field only gives a few options to choose from (like Name, Tag, URIhash fields), I jsut don't know how to populate these fields correctly. Thanks. 

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In the mosaic dataset, you have to add a new field (column) with the date field format type ( Once you create that field, each raster (row) in your mosaic dataset needs to have a time stamp assigned. You can then go into the mosaic properties and assign that field as the time field. After this, you can use the Build Multidimensional Info tool and you should be able to pick the time field that you created

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