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Build cache for DTM

06-06-2023 09:10 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Hello all

I have a Mosaic dataset with about 2000 dtm tiles that cover the entire world.

The tiles are tiff with LZW compression, about 6000 by 6000 pixels in Geo WGS84.

Overviews are build.

I am trying to create a cache for elevation using the WGS84 Version 2 elevation tiling scheme (LERC compression).

The results look fine in small pixel level (level 9 and up) and in the higher levels where you see the entire world.

In the middle levels (8 to 3) I see strange holes.

Some levels show data only west of Greenwich.

Some other have a gap from Longitude (Greenwich) to  Longitude 90 (somewhere in Asia).

The gaps are exactly on the Longitude from north pole to the south

It looks like it have problems with the Geo projection.

I tried to give AOI of the world as parameter but it did not helped.

Pro 2.9


Any ideas?

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