Bug: View on FGDB standalone table — can't add view to map

01-18-2023 08:25 AM
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ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3

I've created a standalone table in a file geodatabase. And I've created a view on the table:


select * from table_a

The view has been created successfully:


However, when I try to add the view to the map, I get an error:

Failed to add data, unsupported data type. vw1


And I can't rename the view. I get a blank error message:


Question for Esri:

Are those known issues?



Copy the table to a new file geodatabase and create a view on the new FGDB table. 

Now, I can add the view in the new FGDB to the map without issue.


But I don't know why copying the table to a new FGDB fixes the issue.








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Esri Canada Case #03248861

The following defect has been logged and attached to your case:
BUG-000155584 - View on FGDB standalone table gives error “Failed to add data, unsupported data type. ” while adding to a map

The current workaround is the following:

1. Sometimes if we remove the TABLE_A from the contents and then add the View1 to the map it will be successful, other times it will give you the same error.

2. If you create a NEW file geodatabase and copy the view to new FGDB it will add to the map successfully, you can then add the original VIEW from the original FGDB without issue to the map.

3. We can also copy the table to a new file geodatabase and create the same view on the new FGDB table and you can add the view without issue.


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