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Bentley Systems gINT data to ArcGIS Pro

06-01-2023 08:35 AM
New Contributor

Hello everyone,

I am trying to convert thousands of gINT projects to ArcGIS pro.

Any tips? The goal is to get the gINT data into a geodatabase.

Thank you!

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Occasional Contributor

I am assuming you want to get the borehole locations from each project in gINT with related attribute data?  I've been a gINT user for over 20 years and the issue I see is and you've run into is there not being a way to batch export all the projects at the same time.  There is a way to batch import your databases into one, I have never tried it and it looks like you have to have a project open, so maybe test it with an empty project The only other thing I can offer is taking a look at OpenGround, we have not switched to it yet, but maybe there is a way when transferring gINT projects to OpenGround you can merge data? 

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