Basemap Creation - Fundamental question

11-14-2017 05:49 AM
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I have a fundamental question about Basemaps in ArcGIS Pro.

Who I am : ArcGIS Pro User with Publisher license in a medium size organization.

What I want: Use basemaps with RD New coordinate system 

Why I want this: I have to make workarounds everytime i'm uploading to ArcGIS Online because of the error " service layer in your map or scene is in a different projection than the map or scene being shared".

What did I try myself: Author a custom basemap through "Author a custom basemap—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop " and try to make a basemap gallery trough Videos van Esri Nederland  . With the author a basemap I seem to make a basemap for 1 project but I cannot use it again, is this correct? With the basemap gallery is not working because I'm not the admin of the organization I'm a member of.

My question: How can I make a basemap with RD New Coordinate Systems which is the auto basemap for every map I open? 

Anyone who know this will be rewarded with great honour.


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Hi Peter,

You will need to be an administrator of your Organization that Pro is accessing.  You can then change the Default Basemap setting.  See the following article:

How To: Configure a default basemap in ArcGIS Online 

Also, here is a helpful document on how to create a tiled service, which can be used as a basemap.

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