Backup In Progress impeding work 2.9.2

03-21-2022 04:07 PM
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ArcPro has begun stalling while doing it's regular back up; I believe since I updated to 2.9.2.

The Help file mentions, "The backup process does not interrupt your work or slow down the performance of ArcGIS Pro", but I would beg to differ as I am reoccurringly in a stalled state of not being able to select layers and other functionality and get frustrated and look up and sure enough [Backup in progress].

The default was 5 minutes so I changed to 10minutes but it's still annoying that things pause every 10minutes to do a backup that isn't supposed to interrupt your work...

Anyone else with that issue? 

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Since the backup is limited in what it backs up...

Save a project—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

The next time this happens, go to your project's backup folder (ie  C:\Path\To\Your\Project\.backup) and see what the size is.  You have to do this when the project is actually alive and running and slow.


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Also having this issue; more prevalent when working via VPN. ArcGIS Pro becomes unresponsive and even though the project is only 2.8 MB it is taking upward of 5 minutes to "backup." I set the backup interval to 10 minutes and 5 minutes are being used every time. This is bordering on the ridiculous. Current version 2.9.2; no other performance issues over internet/intranet. 


Apologies if I replied to the wrong message in thread. 

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I have the same issue in 2.9.1. I've been dealing with lags for a while in big projects, but I've only recently noticed the "Backup in Progress" message in the title bar. Since the backup essentially locks me out of the app while it's occurring, I think the backup frequency should be "x minutes from end of last backup" rather than "every x minutes"

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Definitely notice a big slow down. I can move the screen around but not interact. Changed mine to 10 minutes and it seems a little better…at least I am not seeing the “backing up map” message at the top of the screen. Notice that there is also a lot of action with the ‘Microsoft Edge-viewer’  that is new on 2.9 as well although not too sure what it is doing.:kissing_cat_face:

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I upgraded to 3.0 and see this happening. I also noticed McAfee is simultaneously consuming a lot of resources. 

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I had to turn my backups off completely-- I couldn't save the project and couldn't do any work because 'a lock could not be obtained' on the mosaic dataset I was working with.

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Hello experiencing the same problem.How do i turn it off completely?

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Go to Project, Options, under Application --> General, Project Recovery, uncheck create a backup.

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I'm also experiencing this problem. I just updated from 2.9.x to 3.0.2 and that's when it started for me.