Automating input variable of ArcGIS Pro ModelBuilder

12-17-2021 08:25 PM
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Every day I get a new geodatabase that I have to manually input in the shown ModelBuilder to produce a report. I would like to automate the input process, so the ModelBuilder would locate the new geodatabase from the computer download folder and use that as an input.

Does anyone have any solution?

Eventually, I want to make this model run itself every day at a certain time to produce a new report using the new geodatabase as an input.

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Could you ensure the latest File GDB is the only File GDB placed in the "Download" folder that you have mentioned?

Then you could use Iterate Workspaces (ModelBuilder) 

Folder: <The folder containing the latest File GDB>

Workspace Type: File Geodatabase

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How will it know what gdb it will be? You can schedule models to run at a particular time, but the name of the gdb will be needed

Schedule a model—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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