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Automating a Vector Tile Package with Python but updating the extent on Pro

06-10-2021 12:50 PM
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Hello all,

I am working to replace the use of MMPK files to use Vector Tile Packages in Survey 123. This seems to work as we would like. There is an exception though for "Automation".

We are seeking to generate VTPK files based on the extent of various Feeder we are querying on. I know there isn't an "Extent" to set as a parameter in the Python function for this. So my workaround was to set the extent and clip the layers by the custom extent.

I made a change to the "Map" layer properties on the "Extent" tab, then I selected the "Use a custom extent" and selected the layer. The I updated the "Clip Layers" tab to use "Clip to a custom extent".

What I am seeking to have answered is whether there is a way to programmatically update the properties for this extent upon each process? VIA Python

My testing in Pro doesn't seem to capture the change of extent when the layer we are selecting the extent by is selected.

Any thoughts?

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I am also seeing this behavior in ArcGIS Pro. Why is the "Clip Layers" configuration ignored when creating a vector tile package?

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