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Automatic grouping of loaded data with storage path name

05-18-2024 04:05 AM
New Contributor

Recently, all the data that I try to load into ArcMap is "grouped" into a group that has the name of the storage path, which, among other things, results in the data not being able to be move (per drag and drop) or regrouped/regrouped.
In other words, I have a data frame and I would like to load a shapefile into it, for example, but it will be inserted into a "folder" or a group with the name C:/Users/[my user name)/Desktop/.... Further data from exactly the same origin (from the same folder) will also be added to this group, but data from another folder will be loaded into a new group, which, as mentioned, cannot be moved. This grouping cannot be removed, only completely deleted. Right clicking on the specified folder with the save path name has only the “remove” options
Maybe someone has an idea what I could do...


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