Attribute table fields constantly changing appearance?

07-02-2021 12:34 PM
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Recently, my fields in Pro starting changing width after queries.  My attribute tables became justified and I'm hoping there is a way to change them back that I haven't found online.  I do some data entry and having to scroll to the end of a table is extremely frustrating.  I usually shrink the fields so that I can see the entire table on one monitor.  

This is just a very simple example, but all the fields expand in appearance after running a query.  Here's a simple example:

State field prior to a query:


State field after query:


If anyone knows how to set these field lengths permanently please let me know.



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I'm having the same problem with the widths of the columns (fields) in my attribute table changing unexpectedly. This started occuring after I upgraded Pro to version 2.8.2. I have noticed this behavior under these situations:

  • Calculate a field value (doesn't matter which field)
  • Stop the edit session

Here are screenshots that illustrate the changing column (field) widths under the above situations:







This behavior affects any attribute table that I have the focus on. It is really annoying, as I have to constantly resize the widths of the columns to get them back to my optimal view. It really seems like a bug in the software.

Can anyone else replicate this behavior?

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A case has been opened with Esri TS. #02883364

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Thanks Kenneth!

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Attribute tables jumping to different records, fields resizing, etc. was a major problem until a few versions ago (don't remember which).   I remember all of the problems were finally fixed by an update in 2020, maybe 2.5.2.  It was a major reason I didn't use Pro on a regular basis until that update.  Really disappointing to see this is back. 

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