Annoying resizing of Columns in attribute table

05-18-2021 04:37 AM
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I just updated to ArcPro 2.8.0 and I have a question.  I am using a point database and when I delete a row the columns adjust their width every time.  I know this is not significant but it is just a bit frustrating having to re-adjust the widths every time.  Is there a setting I don't know about that I can use to keep the column width the same size?



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There isn't a setting.

I would file it as a bug with Tech Support

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I too have experienced this automatic resizing of attribute table column widths, and it is very annoying. I also posted about it here.

I opened a support case with ESRI on this issue and they are considering implementing an enhancement rather than a bug fix. Here's what I've shared with ESRI:

"In my case, I don’t want the columns to auto resize to fit the data. I have many fields in my feature classes and I need to see as many of those fields as possible without having to laboriously scroll horizontally back and forth to see the fields that I need to see. For many of the fields, it works just fine if I can see only part of the data. So as a result, I manually resize the column widths so that I can see most of the fields, even though those fields (columns) are not wide enough to see the entire data contents.

So, to state this another way, when I manually resize the width of a column, I want it to stay that width. I don’t want ArcPro to change the width of the column. And that’s the problem I’m having. Whenever I calculate a field value, or when I stop an edit session, or pick a value from a pick list (a domain), ArcPro changes my column widths, then I have to go back and manually change them to the way I had them before ArcPro altered them."

In my conversations with the ESRI support analyst, she indicated that ESRI did not consider this to be a bug because:

"As we are asking development to implement a feature that lets users control the column width as well as keep the feature that allows data to be sized based on contents, this is an Enhancement. A bug is classified as such when the product is performing in a way it is documented that it shouldn't. We currently have no documentation, in our current or former releases, that states that column width should be static once set by a user."

My counter to ESRI's position is that just because they have no documentation explicitly stating that column widths should remain static as the user has set them, that does not negate the fact that the auto-column-resizing enhancement made to ArcGIS 2.8.x broke the previous version's behavior of not automatically changing column widths. And because the previous version did not change column widths, that was the standard behavior that users expected after upgrading to 2.8.x. It was the default, so when that default changed after the addition of the auto-resizing enhancement, with no way to get it back, users would understandably consider the new auto-resizing behavior to be a bug.

It seems completely plausible to me that when the developers added the auto-column-resizing feature to ArcGIS Pro 2.8.x, perhaps they neglected to consider and take into account alternative use cases, such as the user wanting column widths to remain static (as the user had manually resized them). I think it was probably an oversight on the part of the developers to understand that there are legitimate use cases where the column width should not automatically resize.

My suggestion to ESRI was that they should add a setting whereby the user can control the column resizing feature. I envision a setting such as this:

Attribute Table

  • Allow ArcGIS Pro to automatically resize attribute table column widths
  • Keep attribute table column widths as I have set them
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Would love to see this too. Column widths should "stick" and stay where I put them. Currently I have a field "California State Hwy X" where the relevant number is hidden as columns resize on every merge operation. I have to resize the column every time so I can see the Hwy number.

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ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3 - column width behavior is inconsistent.

If you double-click the right side of a column header, it will adjust the column to the width of the data. Note that if you use this method (right-click to snap to data width), the column will shrink back to it's original size after you refresh the table (lower right of table-recycle icon) or conduct a Calculate Field event (which refreshes the column).

However, if you instead use the click-and-drag method of readjusting your column width, the column width will persist after a table refresh or a Calculate Field event.

It took me some time to realize this and will adjust my behavior to have the desired outcome, but feel that both methods of adjusting column width should persist after refreshes.

My DREAM is to have the ability in the Fields view (where you manage fields for a layer) to set a "default" column width for any/all columns in a table, so that when you add the feature class/table to a new map and open the attribute table, the columns are adjusted to your default value. And further, it would be awesome to have those default values be adjustable (like field order) in the map session.