Attribute Rules in a versioned GDB with rec/post Python scripts?

06-14-2019 08:01 AM
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ArcGIS Server v 10.5

ArcPro v 2.3.3

many of our GDBs in server are versioned and most or all of them have scripts that run nightly/weekly to rec/post edits (written in Python v 2.7) and pass data to a 3rd party viewer for parcels, etc

we can perform basic parcel maintenance in Pro, but the functionality really comes around when we combine editing in Pro with #AttributeRules to streamline/QC the data as we work

the problem is that applying attribute rules in Pro effectively removes the feature class from the Enterprise GDB (Unless you're accessing it via Pro v 2.1 or later) - that means the scheduled scripts we rely on for Rec/Post and data transfer don't work on feature classes with #AttributeRules applied in Pro

my first thought is to simply duplicate the FC in Enterprise, apply the Att Rules to the new FC, and proceed with edits there. Then I can rig up a drop/replace script to pass the data from the new FC to the original FC (the one utilized by our scheduled tasks for data transfer and Rec/Post)

So my question: can anyone suggest a better solution? could I rewrite the Rec/Post and data transfer scripts in a different version of Python that might actually work with Pro and Attribute Assistant?

I'll be testing this idea, but I thought I'd ask here in case there's a better way

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update on our journey:

In addition to whatever feature class that has an attribute rule applied being essentially disabled in ArcMap (or prior versions of Pro), any feature dataset that contains a feature with attribute rules is locked to editing as well:

I have a polygon FC called (for example) Par_Edit that lives in a feature dataset called Parcel_Editing. I created a duplicate of this FC (Par_Edit_doop) and applied a calculation attribute rule for testing purposes. Att rules worked fine with Par_Edit_doop sitting directly on the enterprise GDB but when I imported the FC into the Parcel_Editing Feature Dataset (the original home of the Parcel FC), I had to rename the FC (Par_Edit_doop2) and the Att rule was lost.

I was able to recreate the Attribute Rule on Par_Edit_doop2 but was unable to complete any manual attribute edits on the FC due to schema locks so I decided to revert to ArcMap workflows to complete the simple edit

In ArcMap, in an .mxd using the original parcel FC, Par_Edit was flagged as un-editable unable to be edited?) and remained that way until I deleted Par_Edit_doop2 from the feature dataset

so it appears that attribute rules applied to features in a feature dataset not only affect the FC the rules are applied to - the other features in the feature dataset are rendered unusable in ArcMap as well.

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Your explanation of the impact of using Attribute Rules in Pro is excellent as it highlights the difficulty of migrating data editing workflows from ArcMap to Pro.  A re-design of Attribute Rules to not make the data unusable in Pro would be very helpful.  This same type of behavior was also built into the design of annotation which makes that type of data difficult to migrate (Posts on geonet about this).