Inconsistent view in 3D Scene

07-02-2019 11:47 AM
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I am working on a 3D animation using arcGIS Pro and I find that the view produced is not always consistent.

Case 1:

I upgraded from 2.3 to 2.4. The animation that I had created no longer looked the same. Without changing any settings to the keyframes, the output had very different extents. So, after the upgrade, I had to redo all of my keyframes.

Case 2:

I have a lot of data stored on UNC paths, so decided to make a map package and work locally to speed things up. I can open the remote and local map scenes, and the extent for the same keyframes look different.  See below. This is the same keyframe. Exact same camera X,Y,Z,Heading, and Pitch. Same output resolution.

Why does the scene look so different? Do I have to redo all of my keyframes again to work locally?

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