Attribute rules equivalent to Attribute assistant "Link Table"

03-11-2020 11:45 AM
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I am continuing my journey of migrating from ArcMap Attribute Assistant to the new ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules.  The old attribute assistant had the option to "Link Table Asset" which "updates a field in the table or layer with a value from a selected feature."  I found this useful for transferring attributes from an existing feature to a new feature.  For example: I would select a street and then create a new point feature for an address.  The Assistant would grab the street pre-direction, name, type, post direction, and full name fields and calculate the new address point's fields with the same information, so I only had to manually enter the number and I was done. 


I was wondering if the Attribute Rules (and Arcade language) has something similar?  I have been able to use the Arcade intersect() to pick up and calculate features under my new point.  I am aware of the "Transfer Attributes" tool when editing, and that does work, but it is more manual and more steps.  I liked the "automatic" transfer the Assistant gave me.  Anybody have some suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

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