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Artifacting in layout view

08-23-2023 02:10 PM
New Contributor

I'm having an issue of large triangles and lines appearing appearing in my background map when I switch to layout view (see attached images).  They also appear on any PDF or print I make.  I've tried updating my graphics drivers, switching back and forth from DirectX to OpenGL.  I do not believe it matters but I do have three map frames on my project.    I'm working in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.0


Map view



layout view



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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Bryan,

This looks like an issue with the geometries of vector tiles drawing inconsistently (flyaways/some of the vertices are in teh wrong place).

I noticed you are on an officially RETIRED build of ArcGIS Pro.  Please update to a currently supported build and if the issue is still reproducible we will need more specifics about what draws this way (is it all layers?  All basemaps only?) and perhaps a repro mpkx if possible.


Jeremy W.


EDIT: here's the table showing supported versions of ArcGIS Pro and their lifecycles:

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