ArcPy not detecting colorizer when layer set to stretched symbology

04-12-2021 08:00 AM
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ArcPy is not detecting a raster layer's "colorizer" type when the layer is set to "Stretch" symbology. The ESRI documentation suggests this should be possible. Am I missing something?

Here is the Python snippet shown in the screenshot:

import arcpy
p ='current')
for mp in p.listMaps('*'):
  print(f"Check '{}' map for raster layers, and their symbology")
  for l in mp.listLayers():
     if l.isRasterLayer:
         sym = l.symbology
         if hasattr(sym, 'colorizer'):
             print(f"\t {} has a colorizer type of {sym.colorizer.type}")
             print(f"\t Unknown symbology for '{}'")


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There are 12 bugs, but non mention using the mp module

Esri Support Search-Results

you might want to fire this off to Tech Support if none seem relevant


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