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ArcPro pop-ups project transfer

01-27-2023 06:49 AM
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Good Afternoon 

I have been created a pop-ups arcpro project using the outputs from my mobile mapping system. 

When a point is selected a pop up will appear with the relating image. If I share the pro project to someone who doesnt have access to my drives they are not able to see the images when they select the points. What is the best way for me to show them the data? I have tried map package but it has taken over an hour to package 300 attached images and there would be ten times that to go!

Any tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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How are the points and images connected?  Do you have an attribute that links to them, or are they attachments to the features themselves?


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Hi thanks for your reply!
They are in the attribute table.
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