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ARCPro layout features display in legend

08-22-2023 04:24 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I have a query regarding the legend visibility options in a layout. I have inserted a legend from the Arc templates, and I only want the legend to display the features that are visible in the map extent. I have nearly a hundered layers, if i select each individual element int he legend i can choose the tick box option " onlyshow features visible in the map extent" however if i try to select multiple or the whole legend to apply the setting to the legend as a whole the tick box is no longer an option. 

How can I make this change to apply to the legend without having to select each element in the legend one by one and apply it individually?

Any help much appreciated that could save me hours?!





Single Element Selection:


visible features in layout.PNG


multiple element selection / legend properties selection:



visible features legend.PNG

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If you double click on Legend in the Contents to open the Format Legend pane, what does the "Synchronize with map" section look like? There's a check box there for Layer visibility.



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