ArcPro - How do you share the create feature templates between users?

10-21-2021 11:47 AM
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Hi! I'm currently using ArcPro 2.8.1, working with multiple users in a versioned environment and map jobs created through workflow manager, using templates exported from ArcPro into Workflow. I have created customized feature templates (under create features, manage templates) similar to the ones described in this help document.

I'm looking to share these customized feature templates with multiple users in a versioned environment, ideally through the Workflow Map Template, but I'm open to work arounds! The customized feature template options will not seem to save into the map template when exported for workflow manager purposes. I can't seem to save it as an individual feature template to share between projects. What am I missing? Thanks!

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@SarahSullivan2 feature templates are layer specific. In the case of preset templates, the different layers that make up the template need to stay together in the same map. If you share a map and it contains all of the original layers that make up the template, the preset template can work. You can also group the layers together and create a layer file or layer package from the grouped layers.

It seems like something is either getting renamed or one of the layers is not present in the export process that you are referring to.



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