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ArcPro 2.1 exporting layouts behaving oddly

05-29-2018 09:12 AM
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I have a project in ArcPro 2.1. I have the following layers (in draw order)

proctected areas

world imagery

terrain multidirectional hillshade

I have opacity set to 5% on world imagery and 45% on protected areas.

Outputting the imagery (exporting the layout) is not producing the desired results. All outputs are set to 600 dpi.

View within ArcPro layout tab

JPEG output

PDF output

Both the jpeg and pdf outputs are considerably lighter than the view in the layout tab. This seems to be due to the transparency of the World Imagery not being maintained. So I tried again outputting to png (32 bit alpha):

PNG output

It seems like the transparency problem is persisting.

Finally the pdf seems to have the imagery tile boundaries showing. Is there anyway to prevent this happening?




This seems to be a problem with Pro. In order to accentuate the topography I altered the brightness and contrast of the multi-directional hillshade layer. It seems Pro is not respecting these changes and simply outputting the original image settings. Opening the same layer in ArcMap (10.4), changing the brightness and contrast and then exporting to pdf the settings were respected. Below is the original image in ArcMap and then the export of the altered brightness and contrast settings to pdf. 

ArcMap brightness and contrast test

(left: original image in ArcMap, right: altered brightness and contrast output to pdf)

ArcPro brightness and contrast test

(left: original image in ArcPro, right: altered brightness and contrast output to pdf)

Now you may be wondering what the problem is here... I was. But watch what happens when you add a semi-transparent overlay in Pro:

(left: layout view in ArcPro, right: exported pdf from ArcPro)

Above you can see that introducing transparency trips Pro up and any image tweaking on the raster below is lost. I wonder if ArcMap has the same problem?

(left: layout view in ArcMap, right: exported pdf from ArcMap)

No... no it doesn't.

Which is a shame really as I like the way layouts work in Pro. But for this project... back to the map.

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I am also curious about the tile grid lines showing up on PDF exports of maps with tiled basemaps in ArcGIS Pro as in your fist example.

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