ArcGIS PRO spatial analyst license problem

08-15-2018 01:18 AM
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ArcGIS PRO Spatial Analyst 

I have and single use advanced desktop (including pro) and spatial analyst license at work. Spatial analyst works on desktop but not on pro. When I try to configure the spatial analyst license in pro is get the following error: "All requested features have already been authorised on this machine"

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from here...

ArcGIS Desktop licensing—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

The same license types apply to extension products and core desktop applications. If you use the Named User license type for ArcGIS Pro, you will also use this license type for your ArcGIS Pro extensions. The license type you use for other ArcGIS Desktop applications will also be used for their extensions.

Are you trying to use it on a 2nd machine?

ArcGIS Desktop license types—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

A Single Use license can be transferred to a different machine used by a different individual by deauthorizing the license on the currently authorized machine and repeating the authorization process on the new machine.
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ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap share the same Software Authorization Wizard.  If you have ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap installed on the same machine, you will notice there's ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap licenses listed when you attempt to deauthorize Single Use licenses.  Technically you can use the ArcGIS Administrator from ArcMap or Software Activation Wizard within Pro to authorize/deauthorize Single Use licenses.  With that said, ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro have separate set of licenses.  In your situation, it sounds like you were attempting to authorize ArcGIS Pro Spatial Analyst extension license using the same authorization number or provisioning file as ArcMap.  Go to > My Organization > Licensing > View Authoriztion to search or verify your authorization number for Spatial Analyst.  If you do not have access to these options, you do not have administrative rights to your organization.  Have your organization administrator verify it for you.  

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