ArcGIS Pro Slow Start up and Running

10-17-2018 04:54 PM
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Can't really figure out why ArCGIS Pro is crushingly slow. The monitor isn't showing much action yet Task Manager is reading 100% usage from Pro. It was working fine yesterday and before and I haven't introduced any variables between now and then. I have googled and found the blog about performance with ArcGIS Pro. Restarted, tweaked the display settings in the Options menu. Still super slow waiting minutes for the UI to start responding.

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did you clean out caches?

How did your machine rate on the 

Check your computer's ability to run ArcGIS Pro 2.2.

on the

ArcGIS Pro 2.2 system requirements—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 


Details of the project?

is it the same for all projects?

for another user on the same machine with a different profile?

lots to check before you can assess possibilities.

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I cleaned the cache.

Intel Xeon E3-1225V2
64Bit Windows 10

It was working fine a few days ago, ArcMap actually works better with the same data in it. 

User profile would not matter.

For example, I'm literally rearranging one legend item order with drawing paused and it locks up for 30 seconds. Or I will simply collapse a single layer to hide the symbology in the content pane and it locks up for 30 seconds, 100% CPU usage to collapse a layer!

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Some other troubleshooting items to try:

  • Delete your index under Options->Indexing.  Play with the settings to update the index periodically - such as every 3 hours or 6 hours.  Tweak the reindexing options.
  • Was AGP a clean install or an update (2.2.3)?  If an update, remove AGP and reinstall cleanly.
  • Are you using any sde connections or just referencing file geodatabase data?
  • What type of license are you using?  Single/Concurrent/Named?
  • What OS are you using?  Windows 7/8/10?
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  • Turned it off completely.
  • ESRI's go to solution to everything 
  • Just FileGDB
  • wouldn't matter when clicking in the contents pane.
  • 64Bit Windows 10
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Thank you for the information Tony.  Sometimes a clean install does clear the problem.  If you have not done this, you may want to try at a time that works best for you.  The license question has more to do with Concurrent Use on a LM.  Perhaps there's a communication issue from AGP to the LM that could cause latency.  Another workflow to try is rename the Esri folder in your C:\users\<user profile\appdata\roaming directory and your C:\users\<user profile\appdata\local

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by Anonymous User
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Are you using an integrated video card or an aftermarket video card? If an aftermarket card, then which brand and how much ram? Which type of video are you attempting to utilize Open GL or Direct?

What is the manufacture of the computer you are using? If you are using a laptop, then are you using a docking station?

What brand/type of monitors are you using?

I have an HP Z600 Workstation with tons of RAM and Xeon E5520 processor. My workstation would do the same thing until I upgraded my monitors from Acer 22's to Dell E2715H 27" monitors. I also have an aftermarket AMD Radeon 3400HD 3gb Ram graphics card and had to update the driver in order to allow ArcGIS PRO to run as it was intended...sounds goofy, but give it a try, as it made the difference for me.

BTW - typically when someone asks for help...they should try not to be rude to those attempting to help them out... just saying!

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All great suggestions Mike - one thing we've seen frequently is outdated video card drivers that cause frequent crashes.  Just right clicking on the video card via Device Manager->Display Adapters won't do it.  I've had to go directly to the manufacturer's website, search for and download the latest driver.  Not sure if this would explain the poor performance of AGP but something else to try.

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My apologies if I come off as cross, but if I could quantify the amount of time I've spent in my career troubleshooting ESRI software for myself and for other around me, I bet the number would be astounding.

That being said, Robert is polite and courteous and I am grateful for his help and I hope that my pessimism is not taken personally.

Now if AGP is designed so that the UI (specifically the collapsing of items in the contents pane) is dependent on whether or not the license server is slow, it's definitely time to go back to the drawing board and question the design choices made.
I have performed a clean install and have updated my graphics cards. Still the UI hangs for 20-30 seconds just to collapse an item in the contents pane.
It seems that it may be relevant to a specific layout as I have tested this on another layout and don't see the hits I'm seeing. I will be testing this further.
FYI - it should be a named account,
         video card is a nvidia quadro 600 - but the task manager isn't showing the card being used during the specific functionality i am referring to and testing.
         monitors are Dell U2415 (x2)

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