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10-22-2020 06:38 AM
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   So I have been working with ESRI on some reporting for data that we have been collecting in the field using Survey123, the data is then pulled into a report using ArcGIS Pro using a report template that ESRI staff had created, the report has two separate pieces one to show the "Site Inspections and Leaks" and the other part that shows all of the pictures of those leaks take at those sites.  The Issue is that if they have multiple images for a site and the frames are only setup for a set number of pictures you have to change the number of frames to show the full set of images but doing so will make those images smaller and harder to see.

My question is does anyone have a way or no of a way to get the report that has multiple images to a single report to add additional pages to show those images so that the size of those images are still visible and easy to see? 

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Hi Kelby, 

Did you have any luck finding a solution to this apparent limitation? I am trying to do exactly the same without any luck yet.



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Same boat here. Needing to add multiple images captured per each inspection (S123) into a Report Template via ArcGIS Pro. 



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It is October 2022 and this is still an issue.  Did anybody ever find a solution?  I'm still using version 2.9.0 but hoping this got fixed in the 3.0x version? (fingers crossed)

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