ArcGIS Pro Report Export to PDF - Selected rows is grayed out

06-25-2019 09:07 AM
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I'm working with the Report functionality in ArcGIS Pro.  When exporting to PDF there's an option to only use the "Selected rows" in the report.  It was working fine until it stopped working.  Now that option is grayed out and I cannot check it.  (See attached image)

There is a table row selected.  I even tried selecting several rows.  That option is still grayed out.  Is there a configuration somewhere else I'm missing maybe?

I had saved a Report File and imported it into a new project.  Did that have something to do with it?  Was something configured wrong somewhere in the export?

Thanks for any help.


So it seems it was the data source. When importing a Report File into a new project, the data source becomes Map1.

Doesn't seem like a big deal until I try to change the data source of the report to the table inside Map.  Then I get an error message "This item type is no supported."  (See the other attached image)

Is there a reason I cannot change the data source for the report?

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Not sure if you found an answer to this 2019 post but I recently had this issue in pro and I found where to change it from "All rows" to just export the "selected rows" i wanted in a pdf report.

When you have the report open, Right Click on Report in the contents pane, Click on Properties, Click on Source, and then click on the drop down arrow next to 'Rows' and select the "Filter by expression" instead of 'All rows', Click OK and it should now only export the selected records in a pdf report for you. 

Note: I did not build a specific expression when in the report properties, I  only changed the drop down from 'All rows' to 'Filter by expression' and selected only the records I wanted in the report and exported it.

See attachments for reference.


UPDATE: I found that even though I do the steps above that it does not keep my changes. When initially creating a new report this option must be changed upon creation in order for it to be used in my steps above. See attachment called "CreateReport_FilterByExpression_dropdown.jpg" for this option when creating the report from scratch. 

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Why did ESRI remove the "Selected Rows" option when creating a report in ArcGIS Pro?

This would have been so cool when working with custom maps using the ArcGIS JavaScript API. Instead of a complex filtering, the user easily could have selected the features he/she wanted to include in the report.

If I had one wish for free - please add the "Selected Rows" option back!

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Did you find a workaround to this? Was the functionality really removed? Reports are useless without this for my needs.

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I wished to tell you that we found a solution - but this is the ESRI way... it has not been completely thought through.

What we are aiming for is to use feature filters in our JS application - and with the filter applied, the print widget should output just the filtered content. Sad that there is no other solution.


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