ArcGIS Pro Picture Element Rotation

04-21-2021 07:25 AM
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It appears that ArcGIS Pro ignores the native image rotation in the layout picture element. This is problematic for us because users sometimes take photographs via Field Maps in portrait mode. Therefore, images taken in portrait are sideways in the layout and have to be manually rotated and resized.

We use a custom geoprocessing service to programmatically generate a photo log. The user selects the photo they want in their photo log in the web mapping application and the geoprocessing services creates a geodatabase and map series photo log based on the users selection. 

There doesn't appear to be a way to prevent Pro from overriding the native photo orientation. Since it is a map series, I cannot set the rotation property on the picture element because it would rotate all images in the series and the sizing would be off. 

Any thoughts on a solution?

My thoughts:

1. Make sure users know they should only take photos in landscape. 

2. Update Pro to allow uses to set the picture element rotation within a map series based on an attribute. 

3. Update Pro to preserve native orientation (based on exif data). 

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We've been looking into a few issues with exif and images on a layout in Pro. We hope to have them addressed in the upcoming release of Pro. However, there are a lot of "flavors" of this problem and its hard to know if all of them have been addressed. If you can reach out to tech support with your specific repro case, they can pass that on to the development team to make sure your situation is indeed covered by the fixes they are working on. You can reach out to tech support here:



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Hi Aubri! This appears to be fixed with ArcGIS Pro 2.8. Awesome! We use this in a geoprocessing service so I hope this eventually translates to ArcGIS Server. I don't manage our ArcGIS Server so I don't control those updates. However, I know we're on 10.8.1 and the admins won't move until there is a 10.9.1 for stability reasons. Can you tell me if these fixes made in ArcGIS Pro will translate to 10.9.1 and if there is a way to patch 10.8.1? 

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Yes, the 2.8 ArcGIS Pro fixes will be included in ArcGIS Server 10.9.1.