ArcGIS Pro north arrow rotation anchor point operates incorrectly

05-20-2024 08:22 AM
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Is there a way to get the north arrow anchor points to operate in ArcGIS Pro like they did in Desktop?  From what I am seeing, the north arrow rotates around the anchor point, rather than rotating within a box that has the corner location locked at the anchor point.  So instead of doing this (which is actually useful):


It does this:


Am I missing something?  I can't seem to approximate the functionality of the Desktop setup, and in the context of layouts with map series and rotating map frames, I can't imagine the way that Pro does it ever making sense with anything other than an approximately square compass anchored in the center.  There is just no way to get my rectangular arrow to stay put and line up in a way that doesn't look out of place when the maps rotate.

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Have you tried changing the anchor point in the North Arrow properties formatting pane to the center position? From the location of the solid black point in your arrow extents, it looks like your anchor is in the upper left corner.





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So far using a center anchor point is my only option, but it isn't the best visually since it means I have to pull in my north arrow a good distance away from the sides of my map layout for everything to work properly with the rotation; there just doesn't seem to be an option for getting it to tightly align to the frame edge in both rotation instances, which used to be the case in ArcGIS Desktop. 

It is a bit of a nitpick, but I am trying to adhere to pretty strict map visual standards which don't allow for a more square north arrow where a center anchor point would work.  I also can't think of a single instance where using an anchor point other than the center for a north arrow in ArcGIS Pro would ever make sense.

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