ArcGIS Pro license issue.

06-25-2021 08:22 AM
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We have a named user that we intend to use as our user to authorize pro (and consequently Python 3) while running several dozen overnight scheduled tasks  written using ArcPy.  The scheduled tasks are being run by the Windows Scheduled Task app. We have a domain user set up to run the scheduled tasks for us. I logged in to the machine yesterday and then in to ArcGIS Pro. Using our named user I was able to set ArcGIS Pro running in offline mode and checked out a license. This morning I logged in with our domain user to check the tasks and I was unable to start ArcGIS Pro. The error I get is "The number of licenses assigned to users exceeds the number of licenses available in your organization." I checked with our organizations admin and he verified that we have licenses available. Currently I am unable to get past this error message to undo the off-line mode set up that we did yesterday and our scheduled tasks fail with a License Not Initialized error.


Has anyone seen this before?


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Sounds like something corrupt the offline license and left Pro in a funky state.  It will have to be manually corrected.  

1.  Contact Esri Technical Support.  The analyst can provide help to manually remove the offline license from the system so Pro can start in it's default mode.  

2.  AGOL will still think the user is in offline mode.  The analyst will need to contact Customer Service to have a representative reset the account so it can be reused to log back into Pro.  

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