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ArcGIS Pro Error Message

06-28-2023 07:36 AM
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Good Morning,

I am trying to open/run ArcGIS Pro on my desktop but every time I attempt to open the file I get an error message. Message reads as follows:

Your settings file has been corrupted. This may be due to a crash or the application exiting improperly. You must reset the file to continue..

Program automatically closes when clicking yes to reset or no to attempt to manual repair. IT previously deleted the program and reinstall ArcGIS pro on my desktop and it momentarily solved the problem but after a single day of used, I get the same error message. 

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Esri Notable Contributor

So this is case where the user.config file has been corrupted or the machine has an issue.  To resolve:

Navigate to C:\Users\<username>\%AppData%\Local\Esri\ArcGISPro.exe_StrongName_<XXXX>\<version>. Rename the StrongName folder or the user.config file. Restart ArcGIS Pro. If this does not resolve the issue and/or there is no user.config file in the StrongName folder, proceed with troubleshooting below.

  • Run the sfc scannow command to identify corrupted Windows files
  • Navigate to .dmp file at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ESRI\ErrorReports and Run crash dump analyzer
  • Run the can you run it tool to check machine specs
  • Ask if user's internal IT can check on the health of the machine (image, hard drive, video cards)


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