ArcGIS PRo does not show sde layers

02-12-2021 09:38 AM
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Hello everyone,

I am just starting using ArcGIS Pro, and after adding a layer from SDE, I can check that it has values on the attribute data, and zoom to layer also works, but  I do not see any shape drawn on the map.

Any idea what this happens?



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it is toggled on in the table of contents for the map?  and has a shape type field?

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It may be that the visible scale is already set for the given layer and you aren't zoomed in enough to see any features. Take a look at the image below:


Notice in the table of contents the visibility check mark is grayed out for the layer Address Points.  Notice too that when I right click on Address Points and select properties, the properties window shows that I won't see any features until I am less than 1:10,000.  When I zoom to the extent of Address Points, I my map scale is at 1:275,623:


I can manually set that scale to 9,999 and everything switches 'on'....


I hope this helps...


That should just about do it....
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