ArcGIS Pro Dimension to large.

04-07-2022 07:40 AM
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Map.jpgWorking in ArcGIS pro 2.9.2, and my Dimensions keep showing really really big and the reference scale is turned off. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?

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Did you create these annotations in ArcGIS Pro?  

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Solved: Dimension labels in ArcGIS Pro - Esri Community

related issues regarding font size and when dimensions were created

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I've added it as an ArcGIS Idea here: allow dimension feature class property changes AFT... - Esri Community

please vote it up!

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I have this problem.  I've checked the dimension style properties, line widths are 0.5pt, text height is 10pt & arrows are set to 12pts.  But no matter, the entire thing, lines, arrows, text and all is about 100 times larger than it should be for no apparent reason.  I've run out of sub-menus to dig through, where might it be getting this giant size setting from?



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I had a similar issue. When you create a new dimension feature class, the default value for the reference scale is 1:100000. The scale can’t be edited afterwards, so you must create a new feature class with the right reference scale of your project.