allow dimension feature class property changes AFTER the feature class has been created

11-26-2020 08:53 AM
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I would like to be able to change the appearance of the label and reference scale or text size of a dimension feature class after it has been created in ArcGIS Pro. I had to do some self-exploration to figure out that you cannot add special characters or letters to a dimension feature class label - even though there is a guide to modifying dimensions which states that the text can be edited (Modify a dimension—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation) - and that these settings have to be set when you first create a dimension feature class. The modify text dialog box does not accept special characters or letters, only numbers. The only way to add them to the label is to modify the Expression option in the Dimension Properties dialog box when first creating the feature class. It's frustrating to have to re-created a new dimension feature class after you realize that the reference scale is incorrect , you want to bump up/down the font size or add letters/special characters to the label. 

This would come in handy when creating a proposed severance for a property that has not been surveyed. I need the ± symbol to appear before the dimension length label and the units to appear after (e.g. ±86m)



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This idea was accidentally marked as Under Consideration after it was originally posted rather than the Default of Open. I have changed the status to Open as per expected behavior. 


I never use dimensioning in Pro because its so brainlessly cumbersome to change anything.  Look at how any CAD software does it and ape that.