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ArcGIS Pro creates folder at launch

01-02-2024 01:29 PM
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I have a user who has a puzzling problem: every time they launch ArcGIS Pro (concurrent advanced license, currently running 2.9.10 in a production environment) a folder is generated in their working directory. So, for example, pretend I'm the one with the problem, my name is Steve Aldrich.

Working folder: Y:\Workplace\TransportationDept\EmployeeFolder\Aldrich, Steve  (folder in this example is on a network share)

Every single time I start ArcGIS Pro on my computer a folder titled "Steve" would be made in that working folder, like so:


I've reviewed this user's settings in Pro, had them delete the weird folder, and had them launch Pro while I watched the folder and launching Pro definitely creates a folder as described above. I've also verified there are no python snippets running oddly at launch or exit (or any at all, actually).

At first I thought some odd networking setup was going on, but launching other software (including AutoCAD and ArcGIS Desktop) does not result in the same behavior; only ArcGIS Pro creates this extraneous folder.

FWIW, the folder is empty at creation and will remain empty.

Any ideas?

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I have noticed this behavior before. Especially when using 2.9.X.

By chance, is the project being used (the project that creates the named folder) a project that was created with the "save as" option from another aprx? Not that this information will "solve" the issue but I think it may contribute to the oddity. I suppose you could create a brand new aprx and see what happens.

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Basically pro projects cannot handle missing references to databases or the solution (if it can't find it) is to create a useless blank version (where it believes it should be) to satisfy the programming. Please add your views and upvote the idea here:

Stop recreating missing geodatabases/folders  

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Try turning off indexing.  In my experience, this started happening after I was working with tiff files.