arcgis pro crashing

02-03-2022 03:40 AM
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Hi all,

Recently I upgraded ArcGIS Pro from 2.7 to 2.9, but I noticed that the software is not working as usual, and it crashes a lot suddenly. 

Then I re-installed it again with version 2.7 and still crashes in the same way.

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from you uninstall/reinstall question

How To: Troubleshoot installation and uninstallation issues (

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Related to your other post - "Once you uninstall ArcGIS Pro, I've found it useful to rename the ESRI folder in the C:\users\<user profile>\appdata\local and C:\users\<user profile>\appdata\roaming to ESRI_OLD before I do a clean install of ArcGIS Pro.  Seems to help the stranger issues seen..."

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