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ArcGIS Pro Crashes on Intel Evo Laptop - Need Help Troubleshooting

03-20-2023 02:38 AM
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Hello everyone,

I am facing some issues while using ArcGIS Pro on my new Intel Evo laptop []. I recently bought this laptop with high-end specifications, specifically for GIS work, but I am experiencing constant crashes and freezes when running ArcGIS Pro.

I have tried updating all the drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and optimizing the laptop's performance, but the problem persists. I suspect that there might be some compatibility issues between ArcGIS Pro and Intel Evo laptops, but I am not sure.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues while using ArcGIS Pro on an Intel Evo laptop? If so, can you share your experience and any potential solutions?

I appreciate any help or advice that can be offered to troubleshoot this issue. Thank you in advance!

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The link on this page

ArcGIS Pro 3.1 system requirements—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Verify your computer's ability to run ArcGIS Pro

What does it report?

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What version of Pro?  Some of the eariler versions have serious issues with latest Microsoft updates.


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