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ArcGIS Pro Crashed when exporting to image

09-03-2017 02:59 PM
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I am having issues with ArcGIS Pro crashing when I export a layout to an image - jpg, tif, gif, pdf, etc. The project file will open, I am able to edit the data and layout, create new layouts, but am unable to exporting.

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Using 2.9.0 and was having the same crash issue upon attempting to export layouts. Kory advised me that empty text elements in the layout can cause this, so I found/deleted them and it worked thereafter. 

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I Had this exact same issue in 2.9.0 and found empty text boxes in the layout. After deleting the empty text boxes the layout was able to export. 

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Solved the issue for me! Thanks!!

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This is a well known issue. The solution: There is probably an empty text component in the layout file. Simply delete this text file from the layout, and the export will work fine.

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I am having similar issue with my ArcGIS 2.9.3. 

When I clicked the Export tab I opened previously, it shows "No active report, layout, or map" and froze, and shortly after ArcGIS Pro shut down silently without any Error report generated in AppData\Local\ESRI

I have a few guess so I did follow tests to exclude some potential causes

1. I opened another project. Its "Export" function works just fine.

2. I checked and made sure not only the active layouts, but also all the layouts don't have empty text elements which was identified as a common problem that caused similar crash.

3. I attempted to open the aprx in another machine that is using ArcGIS Pro 2.8.0. It didn't reproduce the same issue. The project file worked perfect in that machine and I ended up cleaning up the rest of work from there. So it is probably just the software in my machine that is having the Export issue. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it didn't resolve the issue.


What might be different with my ArcGIS 2.9.3

Before I had this issue, I upgraded my ArcGIS Pro to 3.0. Then I had another issue which is worth a separate post to discuss. Because of that problem, I decided to downgrade for now until I wrapped up my current project. What I did was to conduct a clean uninstallation by following this article. Then I re-install ArcGIS Pro 2.9 (2.9.3 is the version that is available in my company's software platform). 

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