ArcGIS Pro: Can labels appear in the legend markers?

06-08-2020 03:33 PM
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I set up the symbology of JointDevPoints (see Pro_labels.JPG) so that a total of 26 points would have pins of one of three colors based on the Status field (1 gets blue, 2 gets green, and 3 gets purple). I also used labels to give each point a unique number based on the ID field. It's just the way that I want it to look in the map, but the number labels don't show up in the legend. Is there a good way to get the numbers to also appear in the legend? My plan at the moment is to manually create a separate pin for each of the 26 points so that the number in the pin will be part of the symbol rather than a label. I hope that there is a better method.

I have published this Pro project as a web service and ingested it as a Map in ArcGIS Online, which I then used to create an application (see Online_labels.PNG). I mention this in case there is a setting that I wan't able to find in ArcGIS Online (for either the map or the application) that will get the number label to appear on the pins in the legend.


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