ArcGIS PRo batch import does not recognize my kmz files

03-25-2021 07:59 PM
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Finally jumped from ArcMap 10.7 to Pro. Can't figure out why the batch function doesn't see a group of kmz files. I have moved them off my google drive folder into the default geodatabase folder but still it cant see them. I can add them individually to the map so they aren't corrupted. 

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If you've put in a *.gdb folder, don't. In fact never put anything into a .gdb using non-ArcGIS tools. They're a geodatabase, not a folder and ArcGGIS won't see any non database files in there.

If you didn't actually copy them into a .gdb, but into a non gdb folder, then you may just need to right click the folder (from within Pro, i.e using the catalog pane) and select refresh

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KML To Layer (Conversion)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

This tool creates a file geodatabase containing a feature class within a feature dataset.

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This is one at a time though, right? This does work, only the batch doesnt. I have several hundred of them. They are kmz with points and a single polyline representing locations of GPR profiles

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