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ArcGIS Pro 3.3 issues with exporting

05-22-2024 09:23 AM
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Ever since switching to 3.3 my organization has been experiencing difficulties exporting layouts. Specifically, when we export a layout, the finished product is missing some of the map features. It looks like the layer had been disabled but, it has not. My organization does have one machine that is still using 3.2 and there have been no issues with exporting when we use that machine. This leads us to believe it is a bug with 3.3 because if we are able to export the same layer, in the same project, from a different computer with no issues and the only difference is one computer is on 3.3 and the other 3.2 it seems like a plausible conclusion. Has anyone else experienced issues similar to this?

I attached an example below. The file with Example in its name is what we get when we export the layout using 3.3 and the Corrected file is the same layout/project/layer using our 3.2 machine. 

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Hey Ryan,

It would be worth trying this with a few new layers and layout files. If you get the same issue then it absolutely would be worth raising a Support Case as this could be a defect with 3.3.

Many thanks,


Esri UK -Technical Support Analyst
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We have not noticed any changes in our PDF exports since updating to 3.3. Here are the export settings we use in case that helps you troubleshoot: 



- Holly
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I'm having exactly the same issue with whole layers and features, missing. Also any selected or highlighted features don't show up?  

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