ArcGIS Pro 2.9 - Bug with Accelerators (Keybinds)

11-17-2021 10:53 AM
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  I upgraded to 2.9 and have noticed that it seems some of the names for tools and command seemed to have changed and it can be hard to find exactly what command you want to keybind.

  The big issue I'm having with 2.9 is that the keybinding (accelerator) for <ALT>-E which is one of my most used binds, no longer seems to save after I set it.  It doesn't say I can't use that bind, it accepts it, if I click another command and then go back it's still there (see Arc 1.jpg), but when I press OK it removes it each time (see Arc 2.jpg).  This was fine back in 2.8.x, so now I'm wondering how many other of my keybinds are no longer properly saving?  

  It seems that a number of other keybinds I had set in place before 2.9 are not saving either (<CTRL>-A, <ALT>-T, etc)

  I have an exported ArcGIS Pro Customizations.proExportedUI.proExportedUI from 2.8.x that had all the binds that worked in it, and many now appear to no longer being imported or saving properly that I can send for testing if required (I can't upload it to here).


  Is this a bug (should this be in the bug forum?) or is there another reason behind this? 

(P.S. I would love for Pro to have a way to show what you have bound already to hotkeys so I know what has failed and not)



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