ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2 Running on a 12th Gen Intel Hybrid CPU

05-04-2022 07:15 PM
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Has anybody had the opportunity to run ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2 on a Dell 3570 laptop with a 12th gen, i7-1275U, 2 “big”, 8 “LITTLE” core CPU, 32 GB DDR5, and an Nvidia T550. I am coming from a Dell 7550 with an i9 8 core, 64 GB of ram, and an Nvidia T2000. 
This is for work and and the 7550 was also a preselected work computer with same agency, so big change in specs that was suddenly announced. 
I have no say in the process, but I am wanting to know how ArcGIS Pro runs on a system like this for all manner of task; from simple editing, raster work, processing point clouds, etc. Any insight would be welcome. 

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So you mean a Quatro T200 to a T550 is a bit of a drop. But that is a heck of a lot better than the Intel Graphics 620 my company gave me. 

I don't think the change from an i9 to an i7 will be very noticeable.  Unless your doing 4k GIS and rendering 360° video. 2 core may not be so good though. 

It is frustrating when companies have people make decisions on things that effect others and they don't really understand what you need. 

My company switched me to a laptop for work from home and they kicked me in the pinky toe.

I installed Pro on my personal computer.  32 GB RAM, 10th gen i9 with 8 cores, High end GPU and I would say it runs around the world twice before my work computer can get to the end of the block. 

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