ArcGIS Pro 2.7.2: Why is saving a project as aprx file taking much of time (experiencing delay) in 2.7.2?

04-11-2021 04:58 AM
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ArcGIS Pro 2.7.2: Why is saving a project as aprx file taking much of time (experiencing delay) in 2.7.2?


I observed that saving a project as aprx file is taking much of time in 2.7.2. Has anyone experienced this issue in 2.7.2?



Jamal Numan
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Not me, saves really fast.  Mind you I keep my projects really trim, only keeping data etcetera that I really need at the time, and I work with locally stored data.

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My only suggestion is check to see if your geoprocessing history is getting huge, that can grow your aprx pretty big if you run a lot of tools.

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Yep - I am having the same problem since upgrading when I save a project for the first time (i.e. start with blank template, add a map, add data and Save). Once saved, any further saves happen at a speed I would call "normal" (i.e. a couple/few seconds). I've been on with tech support and the current state of affairs is "waiting"...... I have a new laptop on the way (current one is dodge) and will see what happens when I get it. If it continues to be a problem with the clean install, I will reopen the tech support case. 

I'm using a different laptop at present and just did a test save and it still took 30 odd seconds to save (blank template - insert new map - add 2 simple layers - save) and that was after it threw an "Unspecified Error" as well. Definitely seems to be something not quite right with this version in my experience. 

A colleague had similar issues with a previous version of Pro (2.7.1) and the resolution (after discussing with ESRI support) was upgrading to 2.7.2 and now it works as expected. I was fine on 2.7.1 and now have issues with 2.7.2. 

Lindsay Raabe
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Jamal - a few things.

1.  Bring up ArcGIS Diagnostic Monitor to see "where" the delay is occurring in the software.  You can pull this up by clicking CTRL-ALT-M

2.  In the internals, a customer was seeing the same thing and did a few restarts of his PC but performed a system clean of the PC and the save issues disappeared.  It did not say specifically what he did though.

3.  Do a complete (clean) uninstall of ArcGIS Pro 2.7 and a clean install of ArcGIS Pro 2.7.  Test the save workflows.  Then upgrade sequentially to 2.7.1 - perform the save operations.  What is the result?  Upgrade to 2.7.2 - perform save operations.  What is the result?

4.  Are you saving your *.aprx to a local drive or a network drive?

5.  Rename the ESRI folder in your user profile to ESRI_OLD - both in local and roaming.

Let us know how it goes as I'm not seeing this behavior on my ArcGIS Pro 2.7.2 machine.  Thx!