Arcgis Pro 2.4 crashes when I change symbol

07-30-2019 07:12 AM
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I am working on  ArcgisPro 2.4.

I am working on the style of OS Master Map to create custom style, I added the style "Ordnance_Survey_en".  Very often when I try to add new marker or customise older marker or symbol for a polygon feature, program starting to crash. It doesn't crash completely, however I can't do anything as it shows it's "thinking". I waited 30 min or longer few times and it's still the same. I can't save the project I can't access legend or symbology tab. Also I can't close the program without using a task manager. 

Thank you for any help.


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I found that program crashes when I am changing appearance ---> Marker Placement---> Clipping. Usually when I try to change the X step or Y step in clipping tool.screen view. inactive tabs, ikons, etc. pic 2 g at boundary it stop working. As I mentioned above I can't access symbology tab or save the project.  

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Esri Community Moderator

Hi Maria,

Thank you for posting this.  I looked at the workflow and it appears that the hang occurs when you set the X Step or Y Step to 0.  I logged the following bug: [BUG-000124209: ArcGIS Pro hangs when Marker Placement X Step or Y Step is set to 0 pts.]

You can contact technical support if you would like to be attached to the bug.  Otherwise, if you wait a bit and check back later, you should be able to find it on and click the Subscribe button.

Sorry that you ran into a hang - the development team will now review this issue.


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