ArcGIS Pro 2.2 | How to convert Extent Indicators to feature class?

10-15-2018 07:35 AM
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I have a maps with a few insets which I show with Extent Indicators (Layout mode -> Insert tab -> Map Frames group -> Extent Indicator) in a Layout.

I need to create features classes from these extent indicators in order to perform spatial queries such as a simple Select by Location for further analysis...

In ArcGIS Desktop, I used to draw rectangles on top of the extent indicator in Layout mode and copy & paste into Data Frame in a Graphic Layout and then convert these rectangles to features classes.

Copy & Paste that way do not work in ArcGIS Pro! Is there any other solution to convert extent indicators to feature classes?

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I'm in 2.5 and have the same project.  If you right click on the Map Frame, then choose the second tab for Display options, then click on the Extent button, it will give the coordinates of the map frame extent.  You can choose the Display units (Metres, Decimal Degrees, or Degrees).  This will make it easier to create features that mimic the extent indicators.  

I was hoping there was an automated way to do this.

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Thanks for sharing. Indeed it helps to create polygons matching the extent of map frames...

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There is an idea that is requesting this here You might want to go add your support!

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Thanks Kory! Done.


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