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Arcgis network analyst batch?

06-10-2023 03:06 AM
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Hi everyone,

I apologize in advance is this ends up being a really silly question. I have been using arcgis pro for several years though I’m completely self taught which means I have large gaps of understanding at times. I was asked to do some service area walk sheds for several different types of points inside of a county. I have a shape file which has streets, and I wanted to try and set up a network database using that so that I can avoid using online credits. I was able to set up the geodatabase, and add my streets file to the feature data set though when ever i try to use that in the network analysis it gives me an error #999999. Not sure if that is due to the lines not being continuous or closed or if it is something in the attribute table which I am overlooking.

In addition, I was wondering if there was any way to automate the network analysis service area geo processing ability. This being so that I can set up the program to do the same thing with different facility points (playgrounds, benches, etc).

Any information or additional guidance that you can send my way would be great.

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