ArcGIS - Can't create shapefile showing footprint of raster extent

01-15-2022 05:21 AM
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I'm trying to create a shapefile with the extent of my raster so that it can be used as a mask to clip with. My shapefile has no datapixels along its boundary and is irregularly shaped.

So far I've put my raster into a mosaic dataset to create a footprint shapefile. However, on closer inspection this footprint shapefile cuts across valid pixels in my irregularly shaped raster image. Just an example my raster pixels are grey and the mosaic footprint is the shapefile line. As you can see, the footprint shapefile cuts across a valid satellite pixel. How can I get a footprint shapefile of my raster image that does not cut across valid pixels?

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Have you tried Build Footprints (Data Management)?

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I think you should post an image since there are many options that you can use with Build Footprints that can improve the result, for instance


Choose between 4 and 10,000. More vertices will improve accuracy but can extend processing time. A value of -1 will calculate all vertices. More vertices will increase accuracy but also the processing time.

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The default behavior of raster to polygon conversion in ArcGIS is to simplify the output polygon geometry, which I guess is the reason why your extent is not exactly the same as the pixel that you have as input..

The solution is thus to uncheck "simplify polygon" hen you run the conversion tool. '''arcpy.conversion.RasterToPolygon(in_raster, out_polygon_features, "NO_SIMPLIFY")'''

Rem: I assume that your raster is reclassified before the conversion in order to have a single value for all valid pixels before the conversion.

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