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ArcGIS and other applications shows RGB 255,255,255 pixels as transparent after publishing as WMS

08-29-2023 11:51 PM
New Contributor

Hi Community,

I'm new into ArcGIS and running into some trouble after publishing a map to WMS.

After publishing my map on WMS the map shows transparent pixels where the value of RGB is 255,255,255. This happens more when opening the WMS in other applications like QGIS than ArcGIS 

Is there any fix for this? I guess its my lack of knowledge in this area.

Currently I'm using ArcGIS Pro 2.7 and ArcGIS server 10.9


In the photos under here I made some examples.


In this picture I opened the root file via a folder connection and the underlying layer is not showing in the RGB 255,255,255 pixels


Here I opened the WMS published layer in ArcGIS Pro and in some of the white pixels the underlying layer is showing up

WMS_QGIS.JPG In this picture I opened the WMS in QGIS and in more white (RGB 255,255,255) pixels the underlying layer is showing.


I guess I'm seeing something over my head. If anyone knows how to sole this I would be grateful


Kind regards,


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