Apply symbology from layer to exclude values

03-12-2021 01:32 PM
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I have a symbology layer that contains proportional symbols for count values. In this layer, I have excluded 0 values so they appear with a separate symbol (a triangle instead of a circle). When I try to apply symbology from this layer to new layers using the Apply Symbology from Layer tool in a ModelBuilder iterator, the proportional symbols transfer to the new layer perfectly, but 0 values are not marked with separate symbology. This is the case regardless of whether I apply symbology from a layer active in my map or from a .lyrx file. The same process does transfer the excluded values if I run it through the Geoprocessing pane, but not through an iterator.

Is there a way to use an iterator and include the symbology of excluded values when applying symbology from a layer?

Thanks for any help!

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