Append Data Tool fails error 000595 and 999999

07-06-2021 09:55 AM
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I'm a new Pro 2.8 user and I'm trying to append a feature service in my organizations content portal.

We use Survey123 for data collection and when we published a new version of a survey and appended the data in AGOL, the attachments were not included. I found in the forums that it was possible in Pro to append and maintain attachments and downloaded the free trial.

I downloaded the FGDB files for the new and old surveys from our AGOL account, extracted and added the databases to my catalog. I've appended the data from the old version into the new version with the attachments and preserved the globalids.

My problem is that when I try to take this new data from my catalog and append it into the feature service in my content portal the append fails with error codes 000595 and 999999. 

I'm sure I'm missing something simple....

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000595: <value> contains the full list of records not able to be processed.—ArcGIS Pro | Documentati...

was their a file included in the tool or any message in the tool's messages as suggested by the error message?

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yes, and I can't seem to find the "full list" either

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Any updates on this issue? I am running into it as well and would love to hear what worked!

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I was unable to make this work. The Append tool in ArcGIS Pro does not work from a FGDB to a Hosted Feature Service while maintaining Global IDs (

My solution was to create a new survey from my backup FGDB file. I published the backup FGDB file as a Hosted Feature Service. Then in S123 Connect, I published a new survey from an existing feature service. Luckily for me there were only 4 new records after the backup file was made. I manually entered these into the new survey and then added the attachments for them in AGOL.

The drawback is that the feature reports for these records will not print the attachments properly since the they were added through AGOL. The options I found were to add syntax that prints ALL attachments (see below) or to generate the feature reports as .docx files, download the attachments, and then copy/paste into report manually. I went with the latter.

It is possible to add keywords to the attachments in ArcGIS Pro which would solve the problem, but it seemed like a long process and our need for printing is minimal. See this thread for a description (

Hope that helps,


Syntax to print all attachments - each must remain it's own line:




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Its more than year after you posted this issue and I have a very similar problem. There is an ESRI technical article from September 2022 that attempts to tackle the problem:

Unfortunately, the recommended workaround did not help me.  In the technical article, Esri acknowledges that this is "a known limitation" and refers us  to BUG-000133544 for more information.  But the hyperlink to the BUG article is a dead link.

Any updates on how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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